Providing shamanic services is a spiritual remedy that is thousands of years old and is utilized on every continent across the world. Each culture has their own healer, shaman, medicine man/woman. People most associate shamanism with indigenous people. Non-indigenous people have gone through their shamanic initiations throughout their lifetime not knowing this until hindsight provides them with the information. Indigenous ancestors have come to non-indigenous people such as myself because they want to teach their ways so they can help us heal our planet.

There is much debate about the usage of the term shaman.  My 1st shamanic practitioner/teacher taught me that title is bestowed upon a person by their tribe or community. That explanation resonates in my heart center besides I just do the work I am called to do. I practice shamanism.

To explain how it works I must first explain how we have a spiritual, emotional and physical bodies (google for a more detailed explanation). When something happens to a person, if it gets addressed in your spiritual body then you never get sick. This is because it has not reached your physical body. In our Western World we focus so much on the mind-body connection that we leave out the mind-body-spirit connection which is widely practiced in most parts of the world. Spiritual modalities work on the spiritual plane and if an issue is addressed there then it never gets to the physical body. It is a spiritual solution to a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease

The practice of shamanism is an experiential and direct experience. Shamanic drumming is used to alter consciousness or enter a trance state. This is a way to explore your own inner world/psyche and/or travel to different realms. As a shamanic practitioner this is the path to addressing shamanic work. There are research articles describing the multiple benefits of shamanic drumming.

If you are interested in experiencing shamanism for yourself you may do this in three ways:

1. Individual Shamanic Journeying sessions

Individual Shamanic Journeying sessions are where I journey for you to obtain knowledge from the helping spirits. There is no healing done with this service.

2. Individual Shamanic Healing

Individual Shamanic Healing sessions are two hours. We will discuss your needs in depth and then I will drum to speak with the helping spirits regarding the issues you present. Following this I will journey with the helping spirits while they perform the spiritual healing that is required for your condition. While this is occurring, you will be laying comfortably on my Reiki table. This is a very interactive and experiential experience so you may ask questions at any time. At the end of the session I will review what occurred during your session and answer any questions. Integrative work will also be discussed. Depending upon what the helping spirits feel you need will be what services will be performed. The most common of which are:

  • Soul Retrieval-this is done when a person loses a part of their soul to a painful or traumatic experience
  • Compassionate Depossession-removing possessing entities
  • Psychopomp-shamanic healing of the dead
  • Power Retrieval (power loss of some kind whether thru ill health, soul loss, relationship problems, family issues and/or bereavement)
  • Power Animal and Spirit Guide Retrieval
  • Personal Shamanic Journeying (journey foreseeing) and Spiritual Practice Instruction

3. Group Shamanic Journey Healing Circles

This is an experiential healing experience as I will teach you how to journey for yourself. You will learn how to create sacred space to do this work. I will teach you how to dialogue with your helping spirits so you can learn how to bring them into your life and call upon them for clarity, wisdom and guidance. Please check back for upcoming dates.

Please remember how important it is to do your own research so you can be knowledgeable about your health and wellness. Shamanic sessions are in no way a replacement from medical advise.