Reiki 1 Training
This one day class teaches the history of Reiki, how Reiki is used to help and heal and how to navigate the energy body. You will receive your Reiki 1 Attunement followed by a practicum on how to do a body scan, the Usui hand positions and practicing your first hands-on Reiki session. You will receive the manual Reiki The Healing Touch by William Rand. You will receive a Reiki 1 certificate.

Reiki 2 Training
This one day class will teach you the nature of the first three Reiki symbols and how to use them. You will receive your Reiki 2 attunement and learn how to send Reiki for distance healing and space clearing. You will then have a practicum on doing Reiki treatments using the Reiki symbols. You will receive a Reiki 2 Certificate.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART)
This one day class teaches additional techniques which will deepen your connection to Reiki and your Reiki practice. During this class you will learn and practice:
Using crystals and stones with Reiki
Sitting and Moving Meditations
Usui Master Symbol Attunement (Advanced Reiki attunement)
Reiki Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery)
You will receive Reiki Master Manual including Advanced Reiki Training by William Rand.

Reiki Master Training
This 2 day class to becoming a Reiki Master allows for you to become an even better container for a larger amount of Reiki. In addition, it allows you to conduct healing attunements as well teach Reiki classes.
Reiki Master Training Day 1
Two Master/Teacher Attunements
Reiki Master Meditation
Four Symbols of Healing
Healing Attunement
Reiki Master Training Day 2
How to prepare for an attunement
Practice Reiki 1, 2, Advanced and Master Attunements
Teaching Reiki & Creating a Thriving Practice