Shamanic Healing Drumming Circle
1st Wed of Every Month 7:30-9pm $20
Shamanic drum circles are a time-honored method of healing and helping others. It is about practicing a new way of being in the world. As we all drum together we begin to tap into the voice of our spirit, experience our souls and are reminded of how connected we all really are.
This is a facilitated circle with focus and intention on healing as a group. I have been studying and practicing shamanism for over 6 years. Drums will be provided for those who need. No drumming experience needed. Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable (blankets, pillows etc). Light snack and bottled water will be provided.
*Please arrive at 7:15 so we can begin promptly at 7:30.
**RSVP Required

Shamanic Journeying Circle
3rd Wed of Every Month 7:30-9pm $20
Group energies are often very strong, esp when you create shamanic sacred space. We begin our time together with smudging and then calling in the 7 directions to create a safe container for the work ahead. No worries as I am the holder of the space. A brief introduction to shamanic journeying will be taught and then I will lead you on a spiritual journey specifically created in the moment for those present at the time as helping spirits guide the way. Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable (blankets, pillows etc.) Light snacks and bottled water will be provided.
This is a monthly group designed to teach you how to journey shamanically so you can feel your soul and meet your helping spirits. In meeting your helping spirits you access divine wisdom. This is a sacred time together and is interactive to allow questions and learn the art of shamanic journeying.
*Plan to arrive 15 minutes early so we can start promptly at 7:30.
**RSVP Required

Sacred Women Circle
Date & Time TBA (No Charge)
Graciouslove Healings Woman Circle is a place to come and sit in sacred space with other like-minded women where we allow the energy of the divine feminine to be present within ourselves and within each other. We nurture and support as Divine Feminine Beings. We bring a dish to share and enjoy the company of other divine feminine women. We end our time together with a Reiki Share.
*RSVP Required